Get Together

A cooperative 2D puzzle adventure for PC & mobile.

You follow two unlucky beings who got separated. Be part of their journey throughout mystical environments brimming with magic. Communicate with each other and solve puzzles, always getting closer to your shared objective.
Can you reunite?

Get Together is played by two people, each playing on a different device.

Our Services


Get Together a 2D puzzle adventure.
Currently in development.

Software Development

Custom solutions for games.
Using Unity3D.

Functional Design

Assistance in planning and designing your visions.

About Us

We are an indie games studio located at Kokolores Collective in Ludwigsburg.

Studio Sterneck was founded by Nico, Simon and Moritz.
Three programmers with passion for cooperative gaming.

Our goal is to create cooperative and engaging game experiences.
Furthermore we provide assistance with the development of diverse applications for our customers.

Team Sterneck - Nico Simon Moritz

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